Charles Ramsey, Ohio kidnap case hero, now a motivational speaker


Charles Ramsey became a national hero earlier this month after helping 27-year-old Amanda Berry, 23-year-old Gina DeJesus and 32-year-old Michelle Knight break out of a house where they were held captive for a decade.

Now, the former dishwasher has signed a new deal to be a motivational speaker. Ramsey has been hired by Bruce Merrin's Celebrity Speakers & Entertainment Bureau in Las Vegas to speak at trade conventions, corporate functions and to make public appearances.

Bruce Merrin, the head of the company, says Ramsey could make about $10,000 for each appearance.

"He's so charismatic. I just totally adore him. His charisma just shines through, and I think he has a very touching and emotional message," said Merrin. "He had the courage and the motivation to go and help somebody out when they were in a disastrous situation, and I really admire and respect that."

This isn't the first time a company has made Ramsey an offer. He is already getting free McDonald's hamburgers for a year after he told news reporters that he put down his Big Mac as soon as he heard Berry screaming for help.

Through his attorney and a friend, Ramsey said he wants to take ownership of his name. Ever since the rescue, others have capitalized on his fame. A Taiwanese company is selling a video game depicting Ramsey throwing McDonald's hamburgers at the alleged kidnapper, and a group of Northeast Ohio restaurants is selling "Ramsey Burgers."

"I never told these people they could use my name for this," said Ramsey.

But as a motivational speaker, Ramsey will use his own name to make money but to inspire, too, and perhaps raise money for Berry, DeJesus and Knight as well.

CNN contributed to this report.

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