Same-sex marriage: Local couple reacts to court's ruling on DOMA


"I wasn't super-surprised because I was hopeful before, but that it actually happened felt kind of overwhelming and exciting," said Tori.

Kate and Tori were legally married in 2008, but they haven't shared the same benefits as other married couples.

"It's just such a strong message from the court, the highest court in the land, about what makes a family," said Kate.

Kate works for the federal government and was unable to provide health coverage for Tori when she was unemployed.

"Having to buy that insurance out of pocket, and what type of insurance, and what can we actually afford, and how much coverage, all of that was just so complicated," said Tori.

The court's ruling means they'll have access to benefits that will make their lives easier.

"The federal government is a whole different level of recognition and a whole different level of benefits that comes with that. I think there are more than a thousand benefits that come with being federally recognized as legally married," said Kate.

Kate and Tori were in a long-term relationship before they got married. They believe the struggle for same sex-marriage has reached a turning point.

"I think that's kind of the bigger thing for me: my kids feeling like they're in a legitimate family," said Tori.

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