Hannah Anderson makes 1st public appearance


The warrant details more than 50 items found on James DiMaggio's property and burned-out home. Among the items found were boxes of ammunition, arson wire, incendiary devices, two used condoms and a handwritten note, according to the warrant. Details about the contents of that note were not released.

The warrant also listed separately "letters from Hannah." No further details on those letters were provided.

Hannah Anderson's mother, Christina, and brother, Ethan, were allegedly murdered by DiMaggio and then burned inside his home in Boulevard. On Wednesday, unsealed search warrants said the two were tortured before they were killed.

The 16-year-old made her first public appearance since being rescued by FBI agents in a remote area of Idaho. She attended a fundraiser for her family in Lakeside at a restaurant managed by the mother of one of Hannah Anderson's classmates.

The money will go toward funeral costs for Hannah Anderson's mother and brother. Hannah Anderson's grandparents say part of the fund will also pay for therapy sessions for Hannah.

She arrived wearing sunglasses and didn't want to talk to the media. Her father, though, did speak on her behalf.

"Hannah sends her love. She's doing good day by day," Brett Anderson said. "We'll keep moving forward from here."

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