'Scenic Route' was passion project for actors


While the guys are traveling in the most isolated part of the desert, their vehicle breaks down and leaves them stranded.

"What I loved about the script was that in the same scene, you basically have the full spectrum of every emotion that you could possibly play because the stakes are so high," Fogler said.

The cast and crew filmed most of the movie on location in Death Valley, and both Duhamel and Fogler say the grit that comes with making a movie like this is exactly what they signed up for.

"This was a passion for everybody right on down to the caterers," said Duhamel. "They were there because they loved the story."

The location wasn't the only thing extreme on this scenic route -- so was Duhamel's haircut.

"That was one of the appealing things about the script. I was like, 'Yeah, I get a Mohawk,'" Duhamel said. "How many times in your life do you get a chance to get a Mohawk, and it's for work. I have to do it."

"Scenic Route" is rated R and is in theaters this weekend.

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