Unions march in solidarity at Wilmington Labor Day rally


The day kicked off with the picnic portion, as families grilled food and spent quality time with each other. But aside from the food and family activities, the march also comes with an important message.

Nearly three dozen unions got together for Monday's parade. They say it's time for better wages and pensions, and it's important to get the message out there.

Union workers say the economy is improving, but the jobs that are being created are low-wage part-time jobs. As the national unemployment rate still hovers at 7.4 percent, union workers say it's time to fight for better jobs.

"It's a monumental moment every year. It's the labor force all in one, all in one and being united in solidarity," said Steven Linares, a union member.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti spoke of the march's importance at the event.

"It's just one of many places that working people today are celebrating the contributions from moving the nation's cargo, to making sure our streets are paved and the trash is picked up, to making sure we have construction jobs and everything else. This is a day for us to thank working people," Garcetti said.

Labor organizers say that in addition to jobs, the big issues continue to be healthcare and immigration reform.

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