Cool Kid wants to keep community healthy


Whether it is learning CPR, organizing blood drives or being a driving force to get an automatic external defibrillator on the campus of Bonita High School, the reason for it all is quite simple to her.

"To be a good person, to be a good citizen, to help your community, help your people, help a friend, help a neighbor," said Natalie.

Her dedication to lending aid came through in a real life emergency.

"In the middle of our CPR training, she was at a retreat where her church counselor had a seizure. She took control of the situation, got the medics there, got everything taken care of," said teacher Jill Black.

No matter what is needed, Natalie is not one to quietly fade into the background.

"I'd rather get in the way and have someone say, 'OK, get out of the way,' rather than just watch and have something happen to her," said Natalie.

It seems to follow that Natalie's college plans are putting her on a course to take care of people in a big way.

"Premed...and then hopefully off to medical school, and then I want to be an orthopedic surgeon somewhere down the road," Natalie said.

Natalie Wharton is a Cool Kid who is ready and able to help someone now and preparing to do much more in the future.

Bonita High School is hosting ROCK4HOPE blood drive on Thursday, Sept. 26 from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Anyone who was interested in scheduling an appointment was urged to visit and enter code BHSL.

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