LA County re-launches Baby Safe Surrender campaign on 12th anniversary


Sept. 26 is not only Nicolas' birthday, it also marks the day he was given a second chance at life. His parents and sister consider every day with him a blessing.

"He's just a natural, young little boy that loves to play with his sister and play games with his mom and dad and do everything that every little boy would want to do with his family," said his father, Brad Adams.

Four years ago, Nicolas was just a few hours old when his birth mother abandoned him at a hospital using the Baby Safe Surrender program. Nicolas was adopted months later.

"There are so many loving families out there looking to adopt a child, and that's really important. But it's also the courage of the mother to make the right decision," said Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe.

So far, 109 children have been safely surrendered. Many of them attended Thursday's event. But the program is still foreign to many people. On Sept. 9, a newborn was tossed in the trashed in South El Monte. The desperate young mother was arrested.

So county officials re-launched the Baby Safe Surrender Campaign on its 12th anniversary. The Baby Safe Surrender rules are simple. If you've given birth to a baby who is 3 days old or younger, you can legally hand it over to a worker at your local hospital or fire station anonymously with no questions asked.

"They have to be courageous to make that decision, because they are giving up something. But they're giving up and they're giving that child a chance at life with a very loving family," said Knabe.

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