Oxnard residents warned of fumigation robberies

OXNARD, Calif.

There have been 26 fumigation burglaries in Oxnard, and 24 of those were in the last six months.

The hardest hit neighborhoods are Cal-Gisler, Kamala Durley Park and Bartolo Square - all on the south end of Oxnard.

In about half of the burglaries, investigators say the thieves entered the tented homes through open and unlocked doors and took electronics, jewelry, purses, clothing and even guns in some incidents. This most likely occurred during the ventilation period of the fumigation process when homes have to force out air.

In other cases, doors and windows were pried or smashed for access.

The problem isn't just in Oxnard. Earlier this year, there were similar incidents in Ventura and throughout Los Angeles County.

Oxnard police urged residents who are undergoing fumigation to remove small valuables like money, jewelry, keys and personal documents from their homes. Residents were also encouraged to advise neighbors to be vigilant and help report suspicious activity during fumigation dates. Also, some fumigation companies have sensors that go off when anyone enters a tented building.

You can report suspicious activity to the Oxnard Police Department at (805) 385-7740 or Ventura County Crime Stoppers at (805) 385-8255.

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