Good Samaritan helps grandmother during LAX shooting


Myra Sawyer, who says she can't walk very well, was in line at the ticket counter as gunshots rang out. She was helped out of the way by a Good Samaritan.

"The girl in front of me, she was at the counter and the shooting started. She turned, grabbed my arm, and where you put your luggage, she dragged me through that opening, and we both sort of landed on the lady at the ticket counter," said Sawyer. "At any moment, no matter where they took us, that at any moment it could start up again; you never completely felt safe. But I will be forever grateful to that young lady that pulled me through."

An Eyewitness News viewer identified the Good Samaritan as Maggie Fogarty. She and Sawyer took a photo together after they were safely evacuated. They hope to be reunited in the near future.

Sawyer was traveling to her sister's funeral in Texas. Although she never made it in person, she was able to view it through a video chat on her iPhone.

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