'Anchorman 2' is funny, but not better than original


When he's hired to be an anchor at a new 24 -hour news network, he assembles his old team and gets down to business.

"I'll take the job and I swear I'll be number one again! I'm going to do what God put Ron Burgundy on Earth to do: have salon quality hair and read the news," says Burgundy.

As Ron Burgundy, actor Will Ferrell seems to have an endless supply of things to say, much of it is funny, much of it is just wrong.

One case in point: "I'm breaking down the barriers of race by assimilation. And on that note, which one of you convicts with the longest record can pass me the mashed potatoes?," asks Burgundy.

Of course, we're all in the joke; we know Burgundy's a buffoon. We also know most of this is over-the-top silliness and that's probably why we like it - they all just go for it! No fear here!

But nearly 10 years after the original, with so much hype, is this one better than the first one? No, it is not, but that doesn't mean you won't like it.


"Anchorman 2" aims to make you feel good when it's all over. So grab a snack, sit down and enjoy a group of people who want you to enjoy their work.

I do wish we got more of the supporting players, including Christina Applegate, who's Veronica Corningstone character is now married to Burgundy.

"Don't take this the wrong way, but if you touch Ron again, I will shoot you with a B.B. gun," says Corningstone.

I may not have laughed as much this time, but I still laughed. And if you don't, you must be having a really bad day.

So while this may not hit a homerun, I do hope "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" with a part three.

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