Alhambra High School administrator resigns amid sex abuse case


The video has received more than 25,000 views since it was posted on YouTube Friday. It has also led to an Alhambra High School administrator's resignation and triggered a police investigation.

"I recently found out where a former teacher of mine has been working," the woman says in the video, "and before I was thinking of reporting her for the abuse that she had done to me, since I was 12 years old."

A link to the YouTube video was sent to the Alhambra School District on Friday. In the video, a woman in her late 20s claims she was sexually abused for years, beginning at the age of 12, by a then middle school teacher in Riverside.

The woman in the video then calls her alleged female abuser, who she claims until Friday was an administrator at Alhambra High School.

During that call, she confronts the woman about the alleged sexual abuse, saying her life and her childhood were ruined.

"Do you realize that you brainwashed me and you manipulated me and that what you did was wrong?" the woman asks her alleged female abuser. "Yes, and I regret it," the alleged female abuser replies.

The woman on the other end of the line admits what she did was wrong, expresses regret, and admits she is ashamed and disgusted with herself.

"You sicken me, and every day when I think about what you did, you sicken me," the victim says. "You should be so ashamed and so disgusted with yourself."

"I am, I am," the alleged female abuser replies.

Eyewitness News normally conceals the identities of alleged victims of abuse, but the woman has acknowledged through comments on her YouTube page that she is aware of the attention the video is getting. In the comment, she said she is glad she went public with her situation.

"I don't even know where to begin. I am so grateful to all of you for making this video go viral. Because of all of you who shared she will not be getting away with these things that she has done to me or anyone else."

The woman on the video names her alleged abuser. Eyewitness News, however, has not been able to independently confirm the name.

The alleged female abuser resigned after being interviewed by the district over the video, but currently faces no charges. She has not been identified by police or the Alhambra Unified School District.

The district says it was alerted to the video on Friday. They prepared the following memo to send to students and staff: "The Alhambra High School administration contacted the Alhambra Police Department immediately upon discovering the link. The matter was handed over to the Alhambra Police Department who immediately began their investigation."

The Alhambra School District says no students at Alhambra High School have come forward with allegations against this administrator. Alhambra police have now passed this investigation on to the Riverside County Sheriff's Department and the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department.

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