Mom, daughter reunite thanks to social media


Tameisha Palmer and her mother, Tamara Graves, were reunited after more than two decades. They saw each other for the first time thanks to Facebook and Skype.

"I just can't believe after everything I went through and all these years that I finally get to talk to you," Tameisha said to Tamara.

"I know baby, and I'm sorry I wasn't there," Tamara replied.

Tameisha was separated from her mother in Spokane, Wash., when Tamara was arrested on a drug charge.

"Our separation happened on April 27, 1993. I'll never forget that day. At that time, I just got involved with the wrong crowd, the wrong people," said Tamara.

Tameisha ended up in the foster care system. She was eventually adopted and now lives in Arizona. But she never stopped trying to find her mom, and Tamara was looking for her daughter, too.

"That motherly love, you just never forget that, you never lose that," said Tameisha.

She had looked for her mother on social media before and never had any luck. That's until Monday when she found her Facebook profile.

"When I saw her smile, I knew it was my mother," said Tameisha.

She reached out to all of Tamara's friends on Facebook and gave them her number. A phone call followed.

"I asked her, 'Is this Tameisha Marquisha Armstrong?' And she said, 'Yes.' I thought my heart was going to stop. I thought my heart was going to stop because I found my beautiful baby girl. I found her," Tamara said through tears.

Now there is much catching up to do. They spent 22 years apart, but now have a future together.

"Every day, I used to just pray and just ask the Lord to touch my daughter, let her know that I still love her, let her know that I'm still here, let her know that I still care and I want her back," said Tamara.

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