South Bay residents concerned about rash of burglaries


"It's frightening. We have a lot of kids in the neighborhood. We have a lot of elderly. I have my dad living with me. It's really a big concern," said Fran Fahmie of Westchester.

The Los Angeles Police Department released video from a home security camera, showing three burglary suspects ransacking a Westchester home two weeks ago. Authorities say the crew made off with $20,000 in jewelry.

"When we put it out, our priority was to identify these individuals, but also to educate the community on what's going on and how these individuals operate," said LAPD Officer Ruben Garcia.

Garcia says investigators are following strong leads as they work to identify the burglary crew. He advised residents to take steps to protect their homes, including installing security cameras. They help police solve crimes and may deter criminals.

"I never felt like it was necessary before, but especially now, I do believe the cameras seem like that would be the way to go," said Patty Schneider of Westchester.

Police say they are increasing patrols. Some residents are forming a neighborhood watch.

"The homeowners are coming together now, saying what can we do because we are not feeling protected. We appreciate the efforts and the help of the police department, but we realize we have to do something on our own now," said Westchester resident Bob Pugach.

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