Man who smashed windows of LAPD cop car in Hollywood identified


Video shows 27-year-old Leyston Rice screaming as he smashed in two passenger-side windows and the rear window with what police say was an iron pipe. The incident happened Tuesday in broad daylight.

After his rampage, Rice is seen reaching into the patrol car and stealing a laptop computer. Instead of trying to get away, he is seen walking to a nearby kiosk to casually use the device.

A group of LAPD officers eventually tackled Rice and arrested him. He faces felony vandalism charges.

"When he pulled the computer out, it broke, and it was basically useless at that point. Not sure why someone would do something like that," said LAPD Commander Andy Smith. "He was booked for burglary from motor vehicle as well as vandalism. He may have had some mental health issues. I mean, anybody that does that to a police car in broad daylight, you have to question whether they're all there."

Smith said Rice is not a "regular" in the Hollywood area and this was the first time local officers encountered him.

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