Miami baby rescue puts spotlight on CPR training


The photos touched hearts worldwide, invoking both fear and hope. A woman desperately trying to breath life into a dying infant in the middle of a Miami freeway.

"It really was the scariest moment of my life," said the baby's aunt Pamela Rauseo.

Rauseo was driving down the freeway with her 5-month old nephew Sebastian strapped into the backseat. That's when she saw he wasn't breathing and turning blue. She immediately pulled over and pulled Sebastian out of the car.

"I exited the car, screaming for help and asking for somebody to do the CPR, but when everybody said they didn't, you know, I kneeled down and I did it, " said Rauseo.

She had learned CPR seven years ago, but hadn't thought much about it until this moment. Despite her fears, her actions are now being credited for saving Sebastian's life.

"Unfortunately, not everyody is going to get CPR because people are afraid," said Dr. Alejandra Rodriguez, "so if we all get trained, we have a higher chance to go and protect our loved ones."

Rodriguez says it's important that more people learn CPR. And adds that those who haven't been trained - when faced with a situation like this - need to put aside any fear of hurting the victim and start CPR before its too late.

"Many adults are afraid that they are going to do CPR on someone or even to a child, they may fracture a rib, and a lot of time what we tell them is it's better to have someone with a fractured rib and breathing and alive," said Rodriguez.

Case in point - little Sebastian: no broken ribs, just an adorable smile and a newfound life ahead of him.

Sebastian is in stable condition. Rauseo says she and her husband will both be refreshing their CPR training.

If you'd like to get CPR certified, the Red Cross offers free lessons. For more information, visit

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