Leisure World burglary: Suspect armed with samurai sword


"I feel like now when I got to go out and walk I got to carry my gun with me," said Donald Underdale.

It was around 7:30 p.m. Thursday in the Leisure World senior living development when Underdale was walking his dog. Underdale said he spotted someone who he believed may have been trying to steal tools from a construction site.

"When I finally said stop, he comes off of that bicycle and just calm as can be, he comes off of that bicycle and pulls that sword out and he comes running after me and he says, 'What are you going to do now?'"

Terrified, resident Terry Costa said she saw the suspect pedal away.

"He couldn't have been too well in his head, because this day, nobody goes with a sword around," said Costa.

Later that evening, Seal Beach police arrested the suspect, Jason Chad Johnson.

Police said Johnson is a transient and he will be charged with brandishing a deadly weapon, and residential burglary.

"I'm glad they caught him, I just hope that he doesn't get out for a while," said Underdale.

Underdale is worried for his neighbors' well-being, and says the crime rate in the community has been going up.

There is a presence of security guards in the complex. Management is constructing a new 10-foot wall around the private gated community.

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