Sriracha owner considers relocating hot sauce plant to Texas?


It appears the owner of Huy Fong Foods is considering moving his factory to Texas. Texas state Sen. Jason Villalba wants the factory to move to his state. On Thursday, he tweeted a picture of his lunch, which included a bottle of Sriracha. He says a delegation from Texas is going to the factory.

"Just received notice from Huy Fong Foods that they would like for us to come to visit them in California to discuss our proposal," Villalba tweeted.

The plant produces a number of spicy sauces, including Sriracha. It makes 200,000 bottles a day. During the production, there are fumes from the chili peppers the company uses to make this world-famous sauce.

Some neighbors have complained the odors burn their eyes and throats. Irwindale City Council members last week voted to declare the hot sauce plant a public nuisance.

Congressman Tony Cardenas (D-Calif.) says the factory should stay in California and says it could move to the San Fernando Valley.

"It's good on food. I like it. But what's better for me, or I think better, is actually having jobs. That to me is much, much more important than whether or not there's a little bit of discomfort around the plant," said Cardenas.

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