Arizona nurse searching for father on Facebook discovers coworker is half-brother

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Saturday, January 30, 2021
2 nurses who work together discover they are siblings
Two trauma nurses in Arizona received the biggest surprise of their lives while at work.

GLENDALE, Arizona -- Two trauma nurses in Arizona received the biggest surprise of their lives while at work.

The two found out they are more than co-workers, they are family, and both sat down to speak with KNXV-TV in Phoenix.

When Sandi Sandrick went looking for her birth father this year she found much, much more.

"My whole life, I thought he didn't know I was in existence," Sandrick said.

After finding her dad on Facebook, Sandrick noticed a mutual friend - her coworker Allen Tucker.

"I was running by and I said, "When I have a minute, I have a question I need to ask you,'" Sandrick said.

"It was like, 'I need to talk to you!'" Tucker said.

"OK, maybe. maybe... I said, 'How do you know this person?' And Allen blurted out that it was his dad," Sandrick said.

Just before Christmas, the two found out they were half-siblings.

"And it just felt immediately like 'yeah,'" Tucker said.

"It makes sense," Sandrick said.

"Now it makes sense," Tucker added.

Incredibly, both have been working side-by-side as trauma nurses at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center for two years without knowing they were brother and sister.

"I've always felt super comfortable with her above and beyond how you would be with a colleague. How do you have somebody tell you that we have the same father and it felt like 'oh yeah, that's great!'" Tucker said.

Today their relationship is rock solid and both families have welcomed Sandrick and Tucker with open arms.

"We talk probably daily. We're texting. We're talking, We're seeing each other at work. It just seems so natural," Sandrick said.

Sandrick has still yet to meet her biological dad. Right now, she is focusing on growing her relationship with her brother.

"We're just taking it as it comes. We're just enjoying it every day. I don't know what tomorrow brings, except I know that Allen's in my life and that makes things better," Sandrick said.