Big Bear bald eagle lays 2nd egg in nest after losing earlier eggs to ravens

Jackie and Shadow now have two eggs to watch over in their Big Bear nest which is monitored by a live camera
BIG BEAR VALLEY, Calif. (KABC) -- A pair of beloved and highly-watched bald eagles in Big Bear Valley may be welcoming another possible addition to the family.

A viewer was watching the eagle cam online when he noticed Jackie was laying a second egg Thursday afternoon.

That's good news for the feathered couple, Jackie and Shadow. Last month they lost two eggs to ravens and a third was broken during the laying process.

The group Friends of Big Bear Valley installed the eagle nest cam in 2015.

A history of eagles in the area is available here.

The nest is located about 145 feet up in a Jeffrey pine tree with a view of Big Bear Lake. Jackie is believed to be around 9 years old and Shadow is around 7.

If the eggs survive, hatching could be sometime after March 15.
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