BMW's iconic 5-series gains all-electric i5 version for 2024

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Friday, January 12, 2024
BMW's 5-series gains all-electric version for 2024
The 2024 BMW i5 all-electric sedan is a new addition to the company's lineup, expanding the selection for customers seeking EV options.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- "BMW." In English, those initials stand for Bavarian Motor Works. And these days, the motors driving BMW wheels are increasingly of the electric variety.

"We shaped in '75 the terminology 'Ultimate Driving Machine' and now we've added that BEV drivetrain technology, so we know it's the ultimate electric driving machine," said Rebecca Dalski of BMW North America.

The 5-series is a staple of the company's lineup, and for 2024 there's an all-electric version called the i5, with range of up to 295 miles and a base price of just under $68,000. But there's still a 2024 gasoline-powered 5-series as there has been for decades, and even a plug-in hybrid.

People who are ready right now to go electric are in luck. But people who want to stay with internal combustion are also in luck. A non-electric 5-series, sold right next to an all-electric 5-series.

"So by providing that power of choice, we can help people ease into the idea. And the people who are at the forefront of that technology can get their hands on a car today," remarked Dalski about the new electric sedan.

The company has seen steady growth of its EV sales, and that should continue. Last year, sales of BMW full-electric models topped 45,000 in the U.S., more than 12% of their total vehicle sales. That beats the percentage of overall EV sales for the industry, which is just under 10%.

And when you add in hybrid models sold last year, that's another 25,000 for a total of over 70,000 electrified BMWs. That was nearly 20% of their sales total for the year.

With the new i5, those percentages should increase further.

And some other BMW models you may have already seen on the road are running around purely on electricity as well: the i4, and the iX. The new i5 follows the i7 EV that came out last year, alongside the conventional gasoline 7-series. That gives the company four BEV entries in the emerging electric car arena.

But BMW wants to make it clear they aren't necessarily trying to steer people to electric cars, nor away from them. Just continuing to offer choices of how your car is powered. Dealers are equipped to show all aspects of electric car ownership, for those who may be unfamiliar.

"As long as we continue to provide information that is easily understood, I think more and more customers will see the benefit, and then make the switch," Dalski said.

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