CalFresh program increasing benefits to help with rising food prices

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Friday, October 7, 2022
CalFresh recipients will see increase to their benefits
As food prices sharply rise, people who receive CalFresh benefits will see an increase in the amount of money they receive.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- People who receive CalFresh benefits will see an increase in the amount of money they receive.

Michael Hunn, CEO of CalOptima Health, says they work to sign families up for the food benefits.

"We don't want people making decisions between food and rent," Hunn said.

He said more than ever folks are feeling the pinch at grocery-store checkout lines.

"The price of milk, butter, eggs, cereal for kids, lunch meats, bread for the kids for school lunches and so forth - all of that's gone up so it's impacting the family budget and they have to cut somewhere to save on the other side," Hunn said.

He said a new 12.5% increase to CalFresh benefits will help ease the pain due to rising food prices.

"That means for a family of four, that family, if they qualify can receive up to $939 a month in incentive. And if it's an individual, $281," he said.

Teresa Blanco, director of community engagement and wellness for Northgate Gonzalez Market, says, "CalFresh gives a wide variety of food options. There's not too many limitations."

Blanco said they're partnering with CalOptima and other nonprofits to hand out information on the benefits in their stores to people who may need it.

"There's a need in the community with food insecurity and this is going to help people be able to have more food at the table," Blanco said.

She added the extra money will put more food on the table.

"CalFresh benefits Northgate customers because it helps you be able to buy more groceries," Blanco said.

The increase in CalFresh benefits will run through September of next year.

If you would like to find out if you're eligible for these benefits, click here or call (888)587-8088.

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