Downtown LA clinic gives free healthcare to homeless, others

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A massive free clinic in downtown Los Angeles is providing health care to thousands of homeless people and others with limited access to medical services.

Care Harbor is holding the clinic for three days downtown, with the first day dedicated exclusively to treating the homeless.

"I love it!" said William Harris, one of the patients treated Friday. "They need to do this more often."

Harris was one of hundreds of patients who came through the free clinic. The charity group of volunteers give their time to help those who don't have insurance.

This is the 11th annual clinic. Services offered through the 700 volunteers include medical, dental and vision.

The patients were bused to the Reef building at Hill and Washington south of downtown Los Angeles. While hundreds waited outside, hundreds more were inside taking advantage of all of the free care.

"I came in for dental and they really did a very good job," said Wanda Hall. "I'm glad that they have the service here because a lot of people need help in dental and everything else. And I think they're doing a very good job and I really appreciate it."

Juan Concevida is smiling because after dealing with vision problems he's leaving with his first pair of glasses.

"I never had glasses in my life and today was the day," he said.

For those who didn't get in Friday before the clinic shut down at 4 p.m., there will be additional clinics Saturday and Sunday.
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