Chicago paramedics duck for cover as gunfire breaks out near ambulance - video

ByABC7 Chicago Digital Team WLS logo
Friday, October 21, 2022
Ambulance dashcam video captures drive-by shooting in Chicago
Two Chicago paramedics were driving in their ambulance when gunfire erupted from a car driving near them, in an incident caught on camera.

CHICAGO -- Paramedics ducked for cover as a shooting was caught on the dash camera of an ambulance in Chicago last month.

The shooting happened on Sept. 21 near Jackson Park on the city's South Side.

"Sounded like a gun to me," the paramedic in the passenger seat can be heard saying before they both duck for cover as more gunshots ring out.

The dashcam video shows two men hanging out the window of a vehicle as they drive past, firing off at least five shots.

The paramedics thought they saw a person on a bicycle had been shot, and they responded to the scene.

Thankfully, the man they saw was just on the ground after ducking from the gunfire. No one was injured.