Los Feliz bar loses good luck

LOS FELIZ, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The Good Luck Bar is closing its doors after almost 25 years.

David Granger has worked as the General Manager at the Good Luck Bar since 2008 and is sad to see the bar go.

"Unfortunately, the landlords who own the building, they would like to take the business and the property to a different location. So, we're getting evicted," said Granger.

Many Los Feliz residents are disappointed to see the bar go.

"It really sucks, it's a cool bar. I was literally just here the other night celebrating with friends, sitting in one of the big wonderful booths that they have there. I'm shocked that it's closing," said Los Feliz resident Nick Stockton.

"It feels like it's always been part of the neighborhood," said Granger. "When you think of los feliz, there's a couple places you could reference and I would say the Good Luck Bar is definitely one of them."

in 1994, Sean Macpherson opened the good luck bar. It was inspired by a classic Chinatown bar called Yee Mee Loo that closed in the 80s.

The Good Luck Bar hasn't officially closed yet, there's still time to get your favorite blended cocktails.

"We're going to stay open for as long as we can. Thank you to everyone who's come in here and has spent their hard-earned money and we're forever grateful," said Granger.
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