Simple exercise tips to stay fit at home during coronavirus pandemic

Wednesday, March 25, 2020
Simple exercise tips to staying fit at home
HOME WORKOUT: As the coronavirus pandemic is keeping more folks cooped indoor, here are some simple exercise tips to stay fit at home during coronavirus pandemic.

Gyms are closed and hiking trails are crowded or getting shut down -- but a big part of staying healthy is staying fit. Here are some fitness ideas that you can do from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Keeping in motion is key to getting you blood moving and your joints loose.

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Start will simple moves and embellish it. Then, use furniture like a kitchen counter or table to do push-ups.

You can also use items at home, like a gallon of milk or canned food, to replace free weights. Exercising in intervals is important and will help keep you fit.

Watch the video above for more tips from Lori Corbin.

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