Attorney answers your questions about coronavirus unemployment

It is an uncertain time with the coronavirus causing state and local officials to call for closures of nonessential businesses. We asked your questions to expert and employment attorney Angela Reddock-Wright including:

Can my employer call my doctor to ask if I have COVID-19?

Does your employer have to pay you if they close?

Can you collect unemployment during closure?

My employer told me to take 1 vacation day per week and a 10% pay cut to stay home. Is that legal?

Should people that work in the medical industry be entitled to hazard pay?

Can an employer only pick certain people to work from home?

Can I be fired if I stay home from work during this time to avoid getting sick?

Can I be fired if I'm unable to work from home because I have no wifi?

What guidelines and measures specify which employers should shut down?

If I employ less than 5 people and decide to close temporarily, am I obligated to pay them?

Angela explains in detail the answers and complexities to these important questions - watch the video for all the details.
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