Drag queens share their favorite slang terms

You may have heard all of these terms before, but do you know how the drag queens use them?

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Monday, June 29, 2020
Drag queens share their favorite slang terms
Drag culture has its own vernacular, so learn from the queens themselves and see what their favorite slang terms mean.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Drag culture has its own vocabulary and while you may have heard some of words terms before, the queens are here to educate you on how they use their favorite slang terms.

Girl is a noun used to indicate your displeasure, to express sympathy or to express praise for an achievement.

Example: "Your dog got hit by a car. (Gasp), girl."

"Girl" is Trixie Mattel's choice slang word: "I know what you're thinking, that's not technically slang," the former "Drag Race" competitor said. "It's all in how you use it."

Gagging is used to describe something extremely fierce.

Example: "Your performance -- I was gagging the whole time -- it was so amazing, you were so fierce."

"Gagging is basically when something is so fierce you are losing your mind on it, you're choking on it," drag queen Nicky Doll said.

Okurrr is an interjection with the same meaning as "okay," but with more flare.

"It's for people who can say 'okay,' but they take the extra step to add consonants and vowels that are not originally in the word," Rock M. Sakura explained. "In fact, most people who say 'okurrr' just want to show off that they can roll their r's."

Serving refers to presenting yourself in a way that is amazing or appealing.

Example: "I'm serving looks tonight."

"Serving" is drag queen and musical artist Widow Von'Du's personal favorite term and is a common one used on the runway.