Is earthquake weather real? Here's what experts say

Is there such thing as earthquake weather? Here's what experts say.
SAN FRANCISCO -- If you've lived in California long enough, you've heard people mention earthquake weather - which is the theory that certain types of weather conditions precede an earthquake.

Excessively hot and calm winds? Earthquake weather. Warm Santa Ana winds? Earthquake weather. Cloudy skies and a gentle breeze? Earthquake weather. If only it were that easy to predict when the next earthquake will strike.

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ABC7 has compiled a list of items that are important to have in your earthquake kit so that you're prepared for "the big one."

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as earthquake weather.

According to the USGS, statistically, there is an equal chance of an earthquake occurring in hot weather, cold weather, rainy weather, etc.

Earthquakes can happen at anytime and the best thing we can do is be prepared for the next one.

Watch our latest seven-day forecast and take a look at recent weather stories and videos.


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