Scott Foley recruits friends, family in 'Let's Kill Ward's Wife'

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Actor Scott Foley enlists his friends and family to carry out murder in his latest big screen project 'Let's Kill Ward's Wife.' (KABC)

"Scandal" star Scott Foley is excited about his new big screen project, "Let's Kill Ward's Wife."

Foley is the writer, producer, director and one of the stars of the dark comedy. The film involves a tight-knit group of friends, except for that one woman they all just hate.

"The character of Stacy had to be so hateable that you rooted for her to die in this," Foley said.

One of the characters kills Stacy, and the rest help get rid of the body.

Foley said he needed plenty of bodies to help him make his passion project. It was shot in 12 days with mostly family and friends.

"It was a herculean task getting this done," Foley said. "I was in front of the camera, behind the camera, buying stuff at Costco for craft services the night before."

He got by with more than a little help from his friends.

"I didn't pay them at all. They got the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) minimum. We did a SAG ultra-low budget scale. Everyone got $100 a day that most of them re-invested back into the film. It was really, really a great working experience," Foley said.

Foley said that audiences will either love it or hate it.

"There's no real in between. You either understand the comedy and you get that morose humor or you are completely offended. You find it misogynistic and gory and violent and demeaning and wrong, but I find it funny," Foley said.

"Let's Kill Ward's Wife" is rated "R." It's available on video on demand and will be in theaters on Friday.

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