Relief fund set up to help farm workers and their families amid COVID-19 pandemic

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Wednesday, April 1, 2020
Relief fund set up for farm workers amid COVID-19 pandemic
A pandemic relief fund has been set up to help keep field workers' families healthy as they work to put food on our table amid the coronavirus crisis.

CAMARILLO, Calif. (KABC) -- Millions of farm workers are still in the fields across the nation helping get essential food to the public.

The farm workers are out there in the field, but they're facing uncertain times at home. There is a relief fund that has now been set up as they face challenges in the field under very difficult conditions amid the coronavirus emergency.

An estimated three million farm workers across the country continue to toil in fields, like in Camarillo.

"I'm the daughter and granddaughter of migrant farm workers. And I've grown up understanding the reality of farm workers in our country my entire life," Monica Ramirez said.

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Ramirez is the founder of Justice for Migrant Women.

"First, we're hearing from a lot of people that they're very confused. They're not getting information that they need about the virus. They're now receiving information about what precautionary measures they need to take to stay safe," Ramirez said.

The organization set up a nationwide pandemic relief fund.

"Food, diapers, rent assistance and other basic necessities to the farmer community members. Those who become laid off who are not entitled to paid leave under the law, as well as those who might become sick or might have to take care of another family member," Ramirez said.

Some farm workers in Camarillo waved as AIR7 HD flew overhead, many of whom were very close together, while others were spread out.

Ventura County is reaching out to growers and workers in multiple languages and dialects.

"We shared it with 25,000 farm workers...they included the flyer with their paychecks," Thalia Barrera from Ventura County said.

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The county says a majority of large growers are diligently following guidance and they're working to educate those who are not.

Ramirez highlights the importance of following stringent measures.

"If we don't take the right measures, to make sure that farm workers have everything that they need, as they continue to go to work, that there will be many farm workers across our country who get sick. And tragically, I think there will be some farm workers who will even die," Ramirez said.

The organization alongside Hispanics in Philanthropy says 100% of the funds raised will go to farm workers across the country. Many of them are undocumented and will not qualify under the stimulus package even they paid taxes.

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