Father of 3 left with fractured skull after apparent unprovoked attack at LA convenience store

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A father of three is hospitalized with a fractured skull after he was beaten in a seemingly unprovoked attack at a convenience store in Los Angeles.

On Oct. 5, Raul Cabrera, a construction worker, walked into the store located near Laurel Canyon and Van Nuys boulevards in the middle of the afternoon.

"We got a call from the police department that he was assaulted in a liquor store market and he was really (badly) beaten and he was taken to the hospital," said his wife, Coco Cabrera.

While he's been in and out of consciousness at the hospital, Cabrebra's family say they don't know why he was attacked. They're hoping the public will be able to shed light on the situation.

"We want answers. We want to find out what happened. You know, why? Because they didn't take anything from him. He wasn't robbed," said his wife, who added that he still had his phone, money and checks.

The Los Angeles Police Department says they have not detained or arrested a suspect.

Cabrera is the sole provider for the family and since they don't have health insurance, relatives have set up a GoFundMe page to cover the medical expenses.

"We don't know how long the recovery is going to be... They had to remove part of his skull and put it in a freezer and six weeks after, he's going to get it back in," his wife said.
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