Experts forecast new health food trends for 2019

Plant-based foods, probiotic snacks and products providing transparency are a few of the trends for healthy eating in 2019.

Dietitian Patricia Bannan says for those who follow healthy diets - the 'veggie' offerings are predicted to be huge.

"A continued emphasis on plant-based foods but with faux meats, things like jackfruit in them, things like seeds and almonds," said Bannan.

Jackfruit is particularly interesting. It's got a meaty texture but a low-protein profile.

"We are seeing it more on restaurant menus, and sales are going well," Bannan said.

Gut-friendly probiotic foods continue to be popular, but not just in dairy and fermented products. However, the jury is still out on whether some of the new probiotic snacks will be of benefit.

"Every microbiome is different and then the point of is it viable when it gets to the gut, or has it died along the way," Bannan explained.

With nut allergies more prevalent, all kinds of seed butters are popping up: sesame, sunflower and even watermelon.

Something shoppers continue to ask for: more clarity in what they're buying.

"Transparency within the company, transparency on the package in terms of what people want to see on that label, and literally see-through packing," Bannan said.

And with the popularity of KETO and Paleo-type diets, people consumed more animal protein in 2018. What's next?

Bannan says, yes, you can still have your burger, but you'll want to mix it up a bit with some veggies.

"There were 350 restaurants that came out with their version of the mushroom-blended burger in 2018, and we're going to see even more of those on the menu," predicted Bannan.

Finally, for those who enjoy hemp foods, experts predict you'll also begin to see the use of CBD oil, which is typically used now in topical treatments. Bannan says it'll now be added to coffee, salad dressings and soups without any of the psychotropic properties.
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