A celebration of the art of dessert for Women's History Month

Ashley Jacoby is the pastry chef at the Hotel Figueroa. She's got 15 years of experience and an appreciation for the skills it takes to be successful in the culinary world.

"There's a lot of science involved, and math. If you don't like those two things, you're not going to want to do it at all," said Jacoby.

She puts those talents to work, creating desserts like a chocolate panne cotta with cocoa nibs and basil meringue, and the perfect croissant.

But there's also another requirement she says you need for a lasting career as a chef.

"You can teach anybody to do anything, you can't teach attitude," Jacoby said.

Sally Camacho Mueller of Tesse in West Hollywood agrees. She's got 21 years of experience in the restaurant industry, and says while women may be underrepresented in the field, she feels they possess an edge.

"I honestly see and feel that the organization, and remembering things, writing things down, that's definitely what we do shine at," said Mueller.

Mueller's creativity shines with her creations - like this take on a Ferrero Rocher candy:

"Dark chocolate mousse, praline in the middle, dark chocolate caramel, dipped in hazelnut and milk chocolate," said Mueller.

Crisi Echiverri works with her husband, chef Michael Cimarusti at their restaurants Providence, Connie & Ted's, and El Pesce Cucina in Eataly. And she's also the pastry chef at Best Girl.

She says it takes long hours to be successful in this industry but that environment also makes her feel like staff is family.

"You see them sometimes more than you see your own family. None of us want to work in that sort of stressful anxiety-ridden environment," said Echiverri.

And even though statistics show there are more men in food service, the women say that behind the scenes is better than you think.

"There are a lot of women in the kitchen, maybe more than people know. There are a lot of factors that play where women don't run the kitchen, mostly having to do with family," Echiverri said.

Celebrating women and their achievements means sweet success all the way around.
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