Little tweaks to daily food intake can help lower your blood pressure

Holistic nutritionist Sophie Uliano says of all the beverages studies to reduce hypertension, hibiscus tea is tops with research indicating two to three cups a day can significantly reduce blood pressure.

"Hibiscus tea: hot, red, sweet naturally. It can actually reduce blood pressure by seven points," said Uliano.

Morning oatmeal is known for being a heart healthy way to start the day. Uliano says take it up a notch by adding a heaping tablespoon of ground flax along with those fresh berries.

"Studies have found that it is as effective in reducing or taking down on hypertension as adding an aerobic program into your life," Uliano said.

She is not, however, advocating you make a swap, as exercise lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and helps with weight loss.

Another great food for lowering blood pressure is a sweet potato and unlike a regular tuber you don't need salt you don't need to fry it. Sweet potatoes are sweet, filling loaded with potassium and magnesium. They're great with a little olive oil and pepper.

And while 2,200 milligrams is the suggestion for daily sodium intake, Americans typically eat twice as much or more due to a high-processed food diet.

No surprise that eating three to five servings of produce a day is recommended, with watermelon known as one of the best fruits to help the cause.

Finally, adding garlic to foods is a tasty way to fight hypertension. There's even garlic supplements to help if those spicy cloves are too much for breath or digestion.
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