'HBCU in LA' teams with Disney to help students learn to pitch their tv and film ideas

HBCU students heard from Disney storytellers to gather insight and practices for the entertainment industry.

ByCharNae Brown KABC logo
Tuesday, August 1, 2023
'HBCU in LA' and Disney help students learn to pitch their ideas
HBCU students hear from Disney professionals on "Making the Pitch: Impact and Influence Through Storytelling."

"Disney helped me find myself," stated Joshua Burrell, Senior Creative Account Lead for Disney Studio Marketing's Global Partnership division.

Over 100 HBCU students heard from the entertainment industry's biggest movers and shakers at Emerson College in Hollywood.

The Walt Disney Company is partnered with the Entertainment Industry College Outreach Program (EICOP) founded by entertainment industry veteran, Stacy Milner.

EICOP's signature program is 'HBCU in LA', where a select group of students have the opportunity to participate in paid summer internships to launch their careers in the entertainment industry.

Disney on the Yard visited this summer's cohort to discuss "Making the Pitch: Impact and Influence Through Storytelling" with Disney storytellers.

This panel was led by Anthony Williams, Director of Outreach and Engagement, featuring a diverse pool of panelists:

- Curtis Johnson, Director of Audience Management

- Jathan Wilson, Senior Manager of Creative Strategy & Marketing

- Natalie Clunis, Director of Creative Content

- Josh Burrell, Senior Creative Account Lead

- Lynneise Joseph, Manager of Content Acquisition

"We're at a point in time in our history where we can't just market to everybody because you're going to miss some people," Clunis stated. "And there needs to be specific stories that appeal to the different demographics."

Students learned about the impact they can make through the stories they tell and how to sustain success in the industry.

"The key to sustaining success is to understand the business side of television," Joseph stated.

To learn more information on the organizations' programming, visit EICOP and Disney on the Yard.