Health care provider L.A. Care hiring positions in clinical and non-clinical areas

As people look for work in this economy, ABC7 is committed to helping people find employment opportunities. L.A. Care is looking to fill about 100 jobs in medical and non-medical areas of the company.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020
L.A. Care hiring in clinical and non-clinical areas
HEALTH CARE JOBS: L.A. Care, a provider of quality health care for Los Angeles County's vulnerable and low-income communities, is hiring in many areas of the company, such as finance, customer service and IT.

As the economy struggles, jobless numbers are hitting record highs, and more people are filing for unemployment, but there are some industries that are hiring and there are jobs out there.

Terry Brown, chief human resources officer with L.A. Care, joined ABC7 to talk about jobs in health care.

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What positions are in highest demand, and are they mostly in clinical areas or are there other open positions, like in administration or IT?

"IT has always been a very hot area over the past several years and it continues to be so today. We are looking for positions at L.A. Care in everything from clinical, IT, financial, compliance and even our call center - we need employees in. So we've got about 100 jobs that we're trying to fill that we'd love to have your viewers come in and apply for," said Brown.

How has the pandemic and physical distancing changed the interview process?

"We, very much like the entertainment industry, moved to a virtual world. The interview process now is all done through either Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, any of the virtual platforms. We'll do the same things that you see in a regular interview will be done, but will be done just like we're having this interview now over the airwaves and through electronics," said Brown.

Why should someone consider working in health care right now? What's your advice for someone who was working in another field but is now considering a change?

"I think health care is a great field to get into especially Southern California. There's always going to be a demand for health care providers and health care insurers in Southern California as long as there's such a large population of people here. I actually came out of the aerospace industry originally, and I wanted to make sure I could always stay in Southern California because I do love living here. It's a beautiful place. And so I thought, 'What industry is never gonna leave this place?' and health care came to the top of mind and it has only grown and I only see it to continue to grow," said Brown.

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