Boxing workout trend on the upswing in LA

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Former Middle Weight champ Michael Olajide started training celebrities and others after his boxing career came to an end in 1991. His AeroSpace studio is one of many boxing gyms popping up in Los Angeles.

"Fitness has to have a purpose. It shouldn't be ego-based. Punching is punching but the way we do it is kind of special. Everything we do comes from the core," said Olajide.

AeroSpace offers shadow boxing classes and also classes with the heavy bag.

At Crubox, the style is boxing "to the music."

"It's a group boxing class. You go through a round of shadow boxing, boxing on the bag conditioning. Different things that work your body," said Crubox co-founder Bebe Ding.

All exercise is known to reduce stress but even psychologists say that mixing it up on a bag or in a ring is actually very cathartic for your stress levels.

"You have focus, coordination, increases your clarity, mental strength, positivity," said Ding.

"When I'm the most stressed is when I get to come here and you get to hit stuff and you're allowed," said Antoine Coetzee of Sherman Oaks.

Coetzee drives from the Valley daily to get to Prevail in West Hollywood.

"For me it's the ultimate way to center myself for every week," said Coetzee.

Owner Milan Costich, who has 30 years in combat training, says it's a place to get a little education.

"We're combining getting in shape and getting all those attributes with learning a skill set , and a skill set that is really empowering," said Costich.

"I do it every day. It's my safe haven. I need it," said Camilla Rinaldi at Prevail.
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