Certain foods can help men fight prostate cancer

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The Prostate Cancer Foundation offers the good and the bad foods concerning helping men fight prostate cancer. (KABC)

Beth Ginsberg has been creating recipes for the Prostate Cancer Foundation for 23 years and knows a thing or two about making healthy food taste great.

"I've served many men this and they don't know this isn't fried and that this is made with soy cheese," said Ginsberg, author of "The Taste for Living" cookbook.

This is her take on eggplant Parmesan: homemade marinara, it's baked, not fried and has soy cheese in lieu of dairy.

"There are a couple of food groups where you can change everything for patients who have prostate cancer or the one in seven men that are going to get it by simply being far more scientific around the diet," said Dr. Jonathan Simons, CEO and President of the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Simons said prostate cancer can be heavily impacted by what men eat.

"As delicious as hotdogs are, they're a terrible idea for men that have had prostate cancer. If you're going to have red meat, you maybe oughtn't have it more than once a month. If you want to live the longest, you should not have any dairy fat," said Simons.

He also said certain types of fat like what we get in processed fried foods, charred meats and dairy, act like high-octane fuel for cancer.

"The kind of fat that gets supplied will literally make the cancer grow faster," said Simons.

But omega three fats, like those in fatty fish, seeds and nuts are great choices. Or try adding tofu, berries, broccoli and green tea to your diet. And the more tomato men eat, the better. It's packed with lycopene.

"Cooked tomatoes. You can use ketchup, pizza with soy cheese," said Ginsberg.

This disease particularly affects certain populations.

"African American men are 73 percent more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer and twice as likely to die from prostate cancer," said Colleen McKenna, vice president of marketing for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.
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