Cryotherapy options help cool down inflammatory challenges

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Used for auto-immune disorders, injuries, chronic pain even beauty treatments, cryotherapy now has a few options for those afraid of the cold. (KABC)

Natalya Wheatman uses ice to heal a broken ankle. Boxing champ Charles Martin gets frosty to gear up for an upcoming bout,and both people feel cryotherapy is the way to go.

"Everybody can benefit from it. We all have inflammation in our body. Whether it's somebody dealing with auto-immune disease, whether it's your regular everyday person working out or professional athlete," co-owner of Cryo-Active, Joe Discuillo, said.

Former athlete Discullio opened Cryo-Active with his champion body builder wife Ingrid Romero, who like many, was initially skeptical.

"I felt like it was a scam and I was terrified of it. I don't want to be in cold," Romero said.

But she liked the results.

Ice baths or nitrogen-based cryo chambers have been used for decades. Studies indicate there are benefits, but getting in an ice bath or cryo tank takes determination, which is why some choose spot treatment.

"You have pain in your shoulders, your joints, you have inflammation because you've broken an ankle or foot. We remove the inflammation, the swelling and the bruising from the area with just a few sessions," Romero said.

Isolated cryo on one area takes eight to 10 minutes.

Discuillo starts some clients there first, then has them brave their way to the cryo-chamber, which produces better results.

You can do single sessions, but most buy a package that costs about $25 to $30 a session.

For the best recovery they offer a 1-2-3 punch:
  • For those that want the full anti-inflammatory treatment, start with a full body cryotherapy for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Then there's compression therapy levels one through 10 that isolates and strengthens key areas.
  • Finish with isolated cryotherapy for that specific sore spot.
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