New Peloton app lets indoor cycling lovers workout at home

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- AJ Escobar manages Peloton, a boutique that sells indoor cycles for home use.

He's excited about the new app the company launched that allows you take classes streamed live, or on demand, from uts cycling studio in New York City, in the comfort of your own home or gym.

"I will never stop going to a studio but I can't always make it to the studio," said Escobar.

"To be able to have the same type of boutique, high end, great, 'in' class experience, but from the comfort of their home, on their own schedule, on their own time," said Peloton co-founder Hisao Kushi about why the new app was created.

Indoor cycling classes have created quite a commotion in the fitness world, with loads of studios peppered throughout southern California.

But it's not an inexpensive workout.

"Most indoor boutique classes are at least $30, a class," said Escobar.

Not including bike shoes, togs and towels!

But Peloton offers its studio workouts in the comfort of your living room for $39 a month, with unlimited classes for the entire family.

"You don't have to worry about booking a bike, you don't have to worry about traffic here in LA, it's really the convenience aspect," said Escobar.

Cool concept. But if you don't have the budget for a big ticket bike, you can still download their app for free and take one of twelve classes live on a tablet at various times of the day.

The 'on demand' classes can be downloaded at any time and there are hundreds to choose from.

The Peloton bike is pricey at about two thousand dollars, but if you have access to an indoor bike, take part in a Peloton studio class on your iPad or tablet, a nice option if your schedule is erratic.

But, if you can afford to get one, this 'Cadillac of bikes' is library quiet with belt free gears and an HD screen the size of four IPads to maximize the experience.
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