Simi Valley gym offers snow-free skiing, boarding using innovative technology tool

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. (KABC) -- No snow. No problem. At Anytime Fitness in Simi Valley you can get on a machine that let's you ski or snowboard.

No long lift lines, no thick winter wear. You do wear real ski boots and snap into skis.

The SkyTechSport Ski and Snowboard Simulator combines technology and virtual reality entertainment with an incredible cardio workout that tones the core, abs and calves.

It is ideal for ski enthusiasts looking to prep for the next season. It's also good for beginners wanting to establish a solid technique in a safe environment, or individuals seeking an exciting, out-of-the-ordinary workout.

Learning either sport in the snow is often a slow and painful experience. This method has you working one-on-one with an instructor for 30-minute sessions.

Originally created as a training tool for professional athletes, the simulator incorporates powerful drives that recreate the intense, downhill G-force effects of a real ski slope.

In addition to mimicking vibrations and compression effects that come from going down a snow-white mountain, dozens of sensing units read all of the skier's movements and let the user experience the slope's well-carved turns, varying snow conditions, and even the visual in front of them.

Anytime Fitness offers these sessions for members and nonmembers for $30. SkyTechSport is available in Hollywood as well.

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