Video: Hungry bear pokes around 7-Eleven near Lake Tahoe

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Tuesday, November 16, 2021
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A hungry bear barged into a 7-Eleven near the Lake Tahoe area after rummaging through the store's garbage cans giving the clerk a scare

OLYMPIC VALLEY, Calif. (KABC) -- A hungry bear barged into a 7-Eleven near Lake Tahoe, frightening the clerk inside.

The bear perused the front of the store and can be seen triggering the hand sanitizer dispenser.

The worker says she first found the bear rummaging through the store's garbage cans over the weekend. When she went inside to call 911, the bear opened the door and followed her inside.

In her video, the clerk can be heard screaming "Hey! Stop!" and continuing to shout in an effort to shoo the bear away.

Full video: 7-Eleven clerk yells at bear to leave store

It even managed to keep the door propped open while taking a look around.

Emergency workers eventually arrived and used rubber bullets to scare the bear away. But it returned a few hours later to dig through the trash can bins once again.

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