Larchmont ice cream shop scoops up Thanksgiving ice cream flavors for holiday

Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Larchmont ice cream shop creates 5 Thanksgiving ice creams for the holiday
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Salt & Straw puts the flavors of your holiday table in their ice cream as a fun and flavorful way to make Thanksgiving dessert memorable.

LARCHMONT, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- There is no shortage of ice cream shops dreaming up decadence, but Salt & Straw's ice cream might just take the cake.

"Our head ice cream maker, Tyler Maleck, he turned the traditional nostalgic Thanksgiving dishes into five beautiful ice cream flavors," said Ian Kane, Salt & Straw manager.

Are you ready for a different kind of freezer meal?

Here's what the makers are scooping: Sweet potato with maple pecan, spiced goat cheese and pumpkin pie, quince and walnut stuffing, buttered mashed potatoes and gravy, and salted caramel Thanksgiving turkey.

Kane confirms there is actual turkey in the ice cream. Instead of butter, turkey fat is used that is rendered from the crispy turkey skin that they turn into a candy brittle.

John Chavis, of Simi Valley, was happy to take a test drive.

"I felt holiday. I felt like I was in a holiday mood," Chavis said.

When asked if it tasted weird putting butter mashed potato ice cream in his mouth, Chavis said, "It was very weird. I felt like I was eating mashed potatoes again. But it was just sweeter."

Cheryl Lee from Singapore came for the black olive brittle and goat cheese ice cream, but was brave enough to try another flavor for the vegetarian crowd.

"I tried the quince and the walnut stuffing. It was fantastic. It was amazing," she said.

Certainly a novelty, but with such a mild California fall, it's worth consideration.

"We had a woman in town. She wasn't going to be able to be with her family for actual Thanksgiving. So she came in and bought a pint of each of our Thanksgiving flavors, and they had a nice family Thanksgiving dinner over ice cream," Kane said.

A single scoop is $4, but if you just can't make up your mind they actually have a tasting flight, which is $11.50 for four scoops.

A pint is $10, but those dollars are philanthropic. For every pint you buy, they donate a pint to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.