Latina superstar Jenni Rivera's mother claims 'NutriBullet' gave her serious injuries

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017
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The mother of late Latina superstar Jenni Rivera is sharing what she says was a frightening experience with the Nutribullet blender.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The mother of late Latina superstar Jenni Rivera is sharing what she says was a frightening experience with the NutriBullet blender.

Rosa Rivera said 10 days ago, the Nutribullet 600 Deluxe she's used for the last year exploded in her hands, causing second and third degree burns to her hands, head, face and neck.

Rivera is now filing a lawsuit against Nutribullet, and her attorneys say she's not the only person who's been injured using the blender.

Attorney Danny Abir with ACTS law firm said, "We are representing 22 clients and have been getting calls almost on a weekly basis with people who have been injured with a NutriBullet machine."

According to Abir, their clients' injuries include burns, like Rivera's, and lacerations from the NutriBullet's blades.

"This is a closed canister with blades in it that are spinning at tens of thousands revolutions per minute. What that does is create a friction and then heat, which creates a dangerous condition that allows these eruptions of the content of the blender," attorney Aaron Lavine said.

The lawsuit claims the NutriBullet's design is defective, causing canister over-pressurization leading to dangerous explosions of its contents.

The suit is demanding NutriBullet recall its products and add warning labels explaining the dangers of the blender.

Rivera's attorneys claim the company is aware of its product flaws but blame the explosions on user error.

NutriBullet issued a statement in response to the claims:

"Customer safety and satisfaction are paramount at NutriBullet, and we were saddened to learn about Ms. Rivera's accident. Unfortunately, her attorneys are attempting to sway public opinion about a safe and effective product by orchestrating a publicity campaign making the NutriBullet appear dangerous. There have been hundreds of millions of uses by satisfied NutriBullet customers worldwide, who have simply followed the provided operating instructions and warnings. We will work with Ms. Rivera's attorneys to determine the cause of her accident."

"It's not something that is user error like the company is saying. I think it's just a question of saving money," Abir said.