Mayim Bialik adds writing, directing to her busy schedule with new movie 'As They Made Us'

HOLLYWOOD -- Mayim Bialik has been busy filling her schedule with her duties guest hosting "Jeopardy." However, she's added yet another title to her resume: feature film director. She is also the writer of the new movie, "As They Made Us."

It tells the story of a dysfunctional family. Dad's very ill. Mom can't accept it. Their son walked out of their lives years ago, leaving a lot of pressure on the daughter.

Bialik says she grew up in a house full of dysfunction, and while this is not an autobiography, she understands the subject matter well.

"I grew up in a very complicated home with mental illness. And we dealt with addiction, as do many people. And it's not something we ever really spoke about. And, you know, after my father passed away, I started writing," said Bialik.

Actors Dustin Hoffman, Candice Bergen, Simon Helberg and Dianna Agron liked what they read. And for Agron, it hit home.

"There are so many personal truths that are embedded in this project and number one being that I've had a sick parent for more years of my life than not," said Agron. "And what it does to your family unit is, you know, you can't deny how much it changes things."

During filming, Agron loved hearing Hoffman and Bergen share their Hollywood stories. Acting opposite them was a bonus.

"I was so lucky to be in their company and explore this story and how to tell this story in the right way with them," said Agron.

Some of the things you see happen in "As They Made Us" mirror Mayim's own life. She admits her family is a complex one - but if there is a happy ending for her in real life, it's this:

"I have a close relationship with my mother, you know, by the grace of God and a lot of other support that she and I both get. And that's a positive thing. And when my father passed, I was very clean. I felt very clear and at peace with that transition as much as one can be," said Bialik.

"As They Made Us" is in theaters and on-demand this weekend.

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