Caught on camera: Thieves steal $100K in Louis Vuitton goods in brazen grab-and-run heist

Friday, November 19, 2021
Oak Brook Louis Vuitton hit by 14 'grab-and-run' thieves: police
Thieves stole items from an Oak Brook Louis Vuitton store Wednesday. Police said 14 suspects fled the scene at Oakbrook Mall.

OAK BROOK, Ill. -- Thieves stole merchandise from a Louis Vuitton store in Illinois' Oak Brook area on Wednesday afternoon, police said.

The Oak Brook Police Department responded to a report from mall security at about 3:31 p.m. of several people partaking in a grab-and-run of merchandise at 196 Oak Brook Center.

"Once they entered the store, they pulled out the garbage bags from their coats and started filling them with merchandise," Oak Brook Police Chief James Kruger said.

Fourteen suspects drove away from the scene in three separate vehicles. Investigators said they are following leads, including license plates numbers for the criminals' getaway cars.

"We do have some information on the vehicles," Kruger said. "We're holding back that information right now, but certainly we are working those leads to identify, potentially identify the suspects."

WATCH | Surveillance video shows Oak Brook Louis Vuitton robbery

Video released by Oak Brook police shows 14 suspects stealing merchandise from a Louis Vuitton store at Oak Brook Mall on Wednesday.

Police said they swiped about $100,000 worth of merchandise. Oak Brook police released surveillance video of the incident Thursday afternoon.

"This is safe area," shopper Mahboob Abbas said. "We come here all the time. The kids play outside."

"You don't expect that kind of thing to happen outside of the city, too," shopper Jasmine Tsang said. "I actually moved in from the city just recently. I thought I escaped all of that."

This isn't the only Louis Vuitton store that's been targeted in the region. A similar crime happened last month about 30 miles away.

In that case, Northbrook police said 13 thieves and 3 getaway drivers targeted a store at Northbrook Court Mall, stealing $66,000 dollars worth of merchandise.

"We don't know if there is a connection yet, but certainly there are similarities and our investigators are talking to their investigators," Kruger said.

Police in Oak Brook are now turning to the Illinois attorney general, who has formed a task force for these types of crimes.

"The attorney general is looking into this investigation as well and whether or not to tie it to a larger scale investigation," Kruger said.

Authorities urge anyone who may have seen something suspicious or has information to contact the Oak Brook Police Department at 630-368-8700 or email

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