BeeWali's Vegan AF in Eagle Rock serves and satisfies cravings for vegans, non-vegans

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Friday, April 19, 2024
BeeWali's Vegan AF in Eagle Rock serves healthy, delicious vegan food
If you're looking for a healthy and delicious meal, then look no further! BeeWali's Vegan AF in Eagle Rock is all about serving tasty vegan food.

EAGLE ROCK, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- In an effort to improve their health, a couple grew their passion with vegan food by opening a restaurant in Eagle Rock called BeeWali's Vegan AF (Amazing Food.)

Owners Wali Waliany and Bee Elias have emphasized that although they serve vegan food, their restaurant is for everyone.

They opened BeeWali's Vegan AF two years ago after realizing how much their meals had helped their own health.

Repeated health issues had pushed the couple to begin a plant-based diet.

It didn't help that they missed their favorite date night restaurants.

"Bee here, was craving kabobs one day and wanted to jump ship and go get some real kabobs and I said, 'No, no, no, we're vegan now. Just give me a second and I will create it for you,'" said Waliany. "When she got home from work I had a full kabob plate for her."

That's how the idea of opening a restaurant became a reality. Waliany began whipping up delicious dishes such as the chicken tikka masala, shawarma, burgers, curry fries and lamb bowls.

Slowly, but surely, their health began to get better.

"I lost like 40 pounds in two months," said Elias. While Waliany said he lost about 20.

"All of our bloodwork came back, and it was normal after two months," said Elias.

With no prior restaurant experience, together they worked hard to turn an idea into a reality by standing by their values and motivating each other along the way.

Now their customers are able to enjoy a healthy vegan meal.

"That's why our customers taste the love in all of our food because it was my love letters to her," said Waliany.

During the pandemic lockdown, they posted Waliany's vegan creations on Instagram to share with the world.

They gained quite the following on social media. Soon they opened up a pop-up and later a restaurant in Eagle Rock.

What plate started all of this you might ask? The hand-rolled kabob plate.

"We're so excited about what we're doing and we love it. It's not work, it's like a passion," said Elias.

In their food, you'll taste a Mediterranean influence with Indian and American flare.

The secret to their buffalo wings is that they use sugar cane to make the bone.

They also have paratha bread, which gives the same flaky buttery texture as a croissant but tastes even better.

The entrees come with a refreshing cucumber salad and a good amount of hummus and chickpeas drizzled in olive oil.

These mouthwatering meals motivated Waliany and Elias to keep pushing forward.

The reason? Elias explains that with one sentence: "Because I love to eat."

"She loves to eat, so do I. But I wanted to make sure she stayed vegan and we kept our vegan lifestyle," explained Waliany.

The food is now serving and satisfying cravings for vegans and non-vegans alike.

"We've even had people sit on this counter and start crying, get very emotional and say 'I haven't had something like this in so long because I'm trying to eat healthier. So sitting here eating this food has just brought me all these emotions,'" Elias said.

"And it gets us emotional because it's like 'Wow, we're doing something really good for people, not only for the community, but for their health. So it's a beautiful thing," explained Elias.

BeeWali's Vegan AF is located at 4862 Eagle Rock Blvd.