Audi updating electric vehicle line while still focusing on conventional gasoline models as well

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Saturday, June 22, 2024
Audi updating EV line while still focusing on conventional models
Audi is expanding its line of electric vehicles. And realizing not everyone wants to go electric, the automaker also plans to build plenty of gasoline models well into the future.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Like many established automakers, Audi has designated a sub-brand for its fully electric vehicles: e-tron. And the Q4 55 e-tron quattro has gotten some updates as it moves on from its sophomore year on the market.

"With this revised version, you get 258 miles of range, a pretty decent increase in power, and we've also improved charging speed as well," said Nathan Hoyt, spokesperson for Audi North America.

Battery technology and the systems surrounding it are all still evolving. It's still not an inexpensive car. Even the entry model Q4 e-tron has a base price of about $50,000. Audi maintains that all e-tron models are premium vehicles. The interior alone drives that point home, as well as the overall luxury.

"It allows people to make that step, either from a volume brand (electric vehicle), the top of the volume brands to something premium, or to make that transition from a gas vehicle," added Hoyt.

To facilitate the potential for transition, the e-tron lineup keeps growing at Audi. The Q4 starts things off, in two different body styles. Then the Q8 e-tron, which was initially just e-tron, also in both conventional SUV and Sportback form.

At the top of the line is the six-figure electric super sport four-door, the e-tron GT. And soon, Audi will be adding to the lineup with the upcoming Q6 e-tron. That one will also debut a new EV architecture for electric Audis moving forward.

If you prefer your cars gasoline-powered, more specifically if you prefer your Audis gasoline-powered, the company says don't worry. They're planning on keeping those around for quite some time to come.

Audi's internal combustion models, especially ones that wear the S badge like the flagship S8 luxury sedan, have a lot of fans and repeat buyers. The company is going electric, for sure. But also not saying goodbye to gasoline completely, just yet.

"We're going to see about 20 new vehicles introduced over the next two years. Half of those are gas, and half of them are electric. So our best combustion engines are still yet to come," said Hoyt.

So if you're in the EV camp, lots more on the way from Audi. And if you're not in the EV camp, and don't plan to be, lots more on the on way in that direction as well.

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