Metro launches pilot program at North Hollywood B Line station to stop fare jumpers

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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Metro 'tap to exit' pilot program begins in North Hollywood
Metro is rolling out another safety program at the North Hollywood B Line station in an attempt to restore riders' peace of mind.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Metro is rolling out another safety program Tuesday that aims to stop fare jumpers, and it comes after another attack on a transit operator in downtown Los Angeles.

The pilot program at the North Hollywood B Line station requires riders to "tap out" when they reach their destination. That's in addition to tapping in for their fare when riders first board the transit system.

Metro officials say the new system is to ensure the transit system is used for "the purpose of travel by improving fare compliance." Other transit systems across the country have implemented similar "tap to exit" requirements.

Last week, the Metro Board of Directors approved a motion from Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass calling for more law enforcement presence on buses and trains in the wake of violent assaults on transit operators and riders.

Bus driver attacked

The new safety program goes into effect the day after a Metro bus driver was attacked in downtown Los Angeles.

Authorities are searching for a woman accused of attacking a Metro bus driver on Memorial Day, adding to a string of recent violent assaults targeting transit operators.

The bus driver allegedly recognized the possibly homeless attacker from previous incidents and attempted to stop her from entering the bus by closing the doors, according to the LAPD.

However, the suspect's arm was pinned between the doors, and she allegedly lunged at the driver when the doors opened again. The suspect then grabbed the driver's eyeglasses, broke the glasses, and scratched the driver's face, police said.

No arrests were reported.