Raven-Symone steps behind camera to direct, joins ABC7 team to host Pride Celebration

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Thursday, June 10, 2021
Raven-Symone busy in front of, behind the camera
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Show biz veteran Raven-Symone has been working for almost her entire life. She's added stepping into the director's chair, has a new adventure online, and will join our ABC7 family for a special day of celebration, "Thrive with Pride."

HOLLYWOOD -- At 35, Raven-Symone is a show biz veteran. She's been in the business for almost her entire life. She's now enjoying working behind-the-scenes and with a new adventure online. Plus, returning to the ABC7 family soon for one day of celebration.

Raven is directing another episode of Disney Channel's series "Sydney To the Max." This one deals with what's called micro aggression...an indirect or even unintentional discrimination against members of a marginalized group.

"Everybody in that writers' room really put their heart and soul into it, talked to the actors, made sure that everybody's voice was heard. It was a brilliant script," said Raven. "I just had to show up and say action!"

We've been following Raven's career for a long time now. Actress, singer, activist, host, producer, director. Raven is "home" in her work.

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"Thrive with Pride Celebration" on ABC7 will honor the LGBTQ+ community with musical performances, celebrity appearances, and in-depth interviews with local heroes and community activists.

"I'm just trying to be me. There's so many creative outlets to this world. I'm trying to step in each one. Have you subscribed to my YouTube channel yet? It's with my wife. You gotta check it out." said Raven.

Raven hopes you'll also check out this year's THRIVE WITH PRIDE CELEBRATION special, airing on June 12 on ABC7. She's returning for the third year as special guest host with our own Ellen Leyva and Brandi Hitt.

"Why do I say yes? Because for a long time, I wasn't out. For a long time, I would look at his parade in private because I didn't want people to know. For the longest time, I was afraid to say who I was. For the longest time, I couldn't love out loud," said Raven.

Her goal is to just bring some happiness to people who tune in to the celebration.

"I know for sure they're going to have rainbows just flying out of their ears, just happiness and joy. Listen, I'm trying to be a unicorn this year!" laughed Raven. "It is going to be a fantastic--it's time to celebrate, honey!

You can see this special episode of 'Sydney to the Max' that Raven directed on Friday June 11 on Disney Channel and DisneyNOW.

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